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Here's an overview of our services and how we can help you hire the best team for your medical business.


Here's how Medora helps our clients hire and retain staff more successfully:



Medora Healthcare Staffing offers an array of recruiting tools to attract the best candidates.  We have an extensive network, aggressive recruitment packages, and result driven marketing methods.  Our collaborations with colleges, participation in job fairs, and several other recruitment strategies are included in your service package.


Screening Process & Training


Medora Healthcare Staffing takes pride in knowing that we screen our candidates above and beyond compliance and regulatory statutes.  Our screening process is inclusive of, but not limited to: reference checks, FCRA compliant background checks, E-verify, physicals, 2 step TB, health sanctions/licensure verification, annual in-service topics and assessment testing.


Hiring Process


Medora Healthcare Staffing sees each one of our clients as having their own unique needs and culture.  We can provide PRN, conversion, or direct hire staffing solutions to meet your unique needs.


  • Per Diem/Temporary/Contract placements are ideal solutions for staffing shortages.  Contract staff are a great way to cover employee leaves or vacations while maintaining continuity of care.  Whether it is for the day or for the month, our temporary placements are able to assist your staff to give your residents that care that they deserve.


  • Temporary to Direct Hire Conversion – With all of our placements, we offer the option for our staff to join yours.  Both you and the employee have the time to evaluate the opportunity before making a full-time commitment.  This includes a time frame that the employee is required to work through us before joining your staff to ensure that they are the right fit.


  • Direct Hire is a highly successfully and cost-effective method to onboard / recruit health professionals to   your team. If you are looking for a Director of Nursing or a Physical Therapist, we are able to find the right person.

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